80 81 Hooves Hooves Meaty Hooves 2 pcs Hooves Hooves Sheep Fat Hooves 5 pcs Hoef Paté Hufe mit Pastete Sabots de Veau Pâté Pezuñas de Ternera Carnoso Zoccolo di Bovino Carnoso Hoeven 2 stuks Hufe 2 Stück Sabots de Veau 2 pces Pezuñas de Ternera 2 piezas Zoccolo di Bovino 2 pezzi Hoeven Hufe Sabots de Veau Pezuñas de Ternera Zoccolo di Bovino Hoef Schapenvet Hufe Schaffett Sabots de Veau Graisse de Mouton Pezuñas de Ternera con Grasa de Oveja Zoccolo di Bovino con Grasso di Pecora Hoeven 5 stuks Hufe 5 Stück Sabots de Veau 5 pces Pezuñas de Ternera 5 piezas Zoccolo di Bovino 5 pezzi 10.032 50 20.151 25 10.030 100 10.092 50 20.153 20 An all-natural chewing option with irresistible, highly palatable cow hooves. Reward dogs with long-lasting and high-protein cow hooves. The unique shape and texture help to support dog’s dental health by cleaning teeth. These durable chews can help reduce boredom and are a great option for strong chewers.