74 75 Canice Canice Beef Canice Lamb Canice Poultry Canice Duck Canice Rund Canice Rind Canice Boeuf Canice Buey Canice Manzo Canice Lam Canice Lamm Canice Agneau Canice Cordero Canice Agnello Canice Gevogelte Canice Geflügel Canice Volaille Canice Aves de Corral Canice Pollame Canice Eend Canice Ente Canice Canard Canice Pato Canice Anatra 80 gr 20.070 12 80 gr 20.072 12 90 gr 20.071 12 80 gr 20.073 12 Rich bite sized treats, perfect for treating and training. Our Canice crispy treats are made from one premium ingredient for a healthy and active lifestyle. Made with natural ingredients with an irresistible taste that dog’s will love.