62 63 Natural Bones are full of flavour and a real treat for every active chewer. Our 100% natural bones are free from any additives and ensure a long lasting challenge for dogs. They are roasted and dried to perfection for an irresistible flavour dogs cannot keep their paws off. Horse Bone 6” Calves’ Knee Joints Big Marrow Bone Horse Bone 4” Lamb Bone Beef Knuckle Horse Bone 6” Pferdeknochen 6” Jambon de Cheval 6” Hueso de Caballo 6” Osso di Cavallo 6” Vleeskluif Kalbsunterbein Canon de Veau Pies de Ternera Piedino di Vitello Knokkelbeen Rinderknöchelbein Groß Os de Mammouth Hueso Fémur de Buey XL Osso Bovino XL Horse Bone 4” Pferdeknochen 4” Jambon de Cheval 4” Hueso de Caballo 4” Osso di Cavallo 4” Lamspootje Lamm Beine Os d’Agneau Pies de Cordero Piedi di Agnello Runderknokkel Rinderknöchel Jarret de Boeuf Nudillo de Carne de Vaca Ginocchio Bovino 16 cm 10.033 25 27 cm 10.045 15 35 cm 10.049 12 10-12 cm 10.026 25 22 cm 10.041 25 16 cm 10.048 25 Natural Bones