56 57 Ears Pizzles Pig Ears 7 pcs Cow Ears Beef Ears 10 pcs Lamb Ears Varkensoor 7 stuks Schweineohren 7 Stück Oreilles de Porc 7 pces Orejas de Cerdo 7 piezas Orecchie di Maiale 7 pezzi Runderoor Rinderohren Oreilles de Boeuf Orejas de Buey Orecchie di Manzo Runderoor 10 stuks Rinderohren 10 Stück Oreilles de Boeuf 10 pces Orejas de Buey 10 piezas Orecchie di Manzo 10 pezzi Lamsoren Lammohren Oreilles d’Agneau Orejas de Cordero Orecchie di Agnello 20.494 25 200 gr 20.498 16 20.495 50 100 gr 20.520 25 Pizzles are best-selling dog chews. They are all-natural, completely digestible and great for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy. They are long-lasting chews and do not contain any additives which makes them the perfect dog chew.