50 51 Ears Give your furry friend a long-lasting and satisfying chew with Tripe. Antos tripe is all-natural, free from additives and a great source of protein. A popular natural healthy choice for dogs, who will find it irresistible. Tripe Beef Tripe Tripe Burger Tripe Powder Sheep Tripe Pensstaafjes Rinderpansen Panse de Boeuf Tripa de Buey Trippa di Manzo Pensburger Pansenfrikadellen Hamburger au Tripes Hamburguesa de Tripas Hamburger di Trippa Pensmeel Pansenmehl Farine de Tripe Harina de Rumen Farina di Trippa Schapenpens Schafspansen Panse de Mouton Tripa de Oveja Trippa de Agnello 1 kg 10.038 12 7,5 cm 10.050 100 350 gr 10.159 6 100 gr 20.518 50